U-3 Children of U1 visa

U3 Visa – Children of U1 Visa Holders

The complexity of the U.S. visa system can make it challenging to navigate. Still, the many options mean there is often a “right” visa for you. The U-3 visa, a subset of the U-1 visa, is one less common visa that can result in accelerated immigration for some people.

Visa Options for U-3 Children: The Children of U-1 Visa

The U-1 visa is designed for people who have suffered criminal activity in the U.S. or their country of origin. These individuals must have suffered certain crimes and be useful to law enforcement or officials seeking to prosecute criminals.

In 2000, this nonimmigrant visa was developed with human trafficking and violence against women in mind. In addition to human trafficking and slavery, it also extends to crimes such as domestic abuse and sexual assault.

In fact, dozens of crimes can qualify a victim for the U-1.

A U-1 holder may be either an adult or a minor. No matter whether you are over or under the age of 21, a qualified U-1 holder is permitted to apply for the U-3 U.S. visa on behalf of his or her minor children. The application may occur at the same time as the U-1 or a later time.

A U-3 empowers the qualifying child or children with nonimmigrant status that can last for up to four years. Extensions are possible on the basis of the U-1 holder’s status. These are usually related to law enforcement proceedings or consular processing delays.

Applying for the U-3 on Behalf of a Child

To file for a U derivative visa on behalf of a child, you must fill out Form I-918 Supplement A, Petition for Qualifying Family Member of U-1 Recipient. It can be completed alongside, or after approval of, the I-918 Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status.

The Supplement A is the same form that is required to process and grant a conditional U visa to other family members, which can include spouses or, for those under the age of majority, parents and unmarried siblings under age 18.

An Immigration Attorney Can Help You Expedite Visa Processing

Although the U visa process is relatively simple by U.S. standards, there is a cap of 10,000 U visa principals each year. The cap does not apply to those receiving a U-3 or other related visa. Still, this regulation can be problematic.

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