o-1 visa

O-1A Visa for Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities in Non-Arts Sectors

The O-1A nonimmigrant visa is an employment-based visa for the individual who possesses “extraordinary ability” in the sciences, education, business or athletics and can demonstrate sustained national or international acclaim in these fields.

The O-1A is NOT for persons with extraordinary ability in the arts or achievement in motion pictures or television. Those persons should apply for an O-1B visa.

“Extraordinary ability” must be extensively substantiated through awards, media attention and peer review, and evidence of these achievements must be documented.

These visas are issued for a period of one to three years. The USCIS will determine the amount of time necessary to complete the applicant’s work.

Are You Qualified for an O-1A Visa?

  • Can you demonstrate extraordinary ability and are you coming to the U.S. to continue work in that ability?
  • Are you considered one of a small percentage that has risen to the top of your field?
  • Have you achieved national or international acclaim?
  • Have you won an internationally recognized award of distinction in your field?

What is Required to Apply?

  • A petition form must be filed with the USCIS office no more than one year from the time the applicant’s services will be needed.
  • A written advisory opinion from a peer group (or individual) within the applicants field of expertise.
  • A copy of any contract between the applicant and their perspective employer. If no contract exists, a summary of the elements of an oral agreement may be accepted.
  • An itinerary of all events, activities and employment dates that the applicant will be participating in.
  • Evidence that the applicant has received a major, internationally recognized award (such as a Nobel Prize) or at least three of the following:
    • Receipt of nationally or internationally recognized awards in your field;
    • Membership in associations of distinction;
    • Published material in major media outlets or professional journals;
    • Original writings of major significance in your field;
    • A high salary or other remuneration for services;
    • Participation on a panel (or individually) as a judge of the work of others in your field;
    • Employment in an essential capacity for organizations with a distinguished reputation.

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