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Choosing the right visa category is one of the most important steps in ensuring that you can reach the United States quickly and easily. There are many categories of visa that qualified immigrants may never have heard about. Among these is the N-series visa.

N-series visas are only available under special circumstances recognized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). They generally apply to employees, representatives and other personnel directly involved in NATO operations.

However, under special circumstances, family members can qualify for some N-series visas.

If Your Child Qualifies for an SK-3 Visa, You May Qualify for an N8 Visa

An SK-3 visa is issued to personnel serving as part of the military of a NATO nation or as a representative of NATO operations, including staff members, attendants, servants and personal employees of a NATO representative.

While maintaining this type of visa, personnel may remain in the United States and study, though they are limited to the pay they draw through their attachment to NATO.

Importantly, however, holding this status can confer N-8 status on the holder’s parents.

N-8 is exclusively for a Parent of Special Immigrants.

This confers a special legal status upon parents of NATO G-4 employees. Parents may only qualify for this status if the qualifying employee is under the age of 21. He or she may be a military or civilian G-4 employee, so many NATO members are eligible.

NATO Service Opens the Way to Achieve Long-Term Stay in the United States

NATO currently has 28 member states around the world. If your child serves in the United States as part of his or her NATO commitments, you may have the opportunity to remain in the United States and even study here. This can open the door to long-term immigration in the future.

Parents should also be aware of the related N-9 visa category. This confers immigration status on the brothers, sisters and children of the qualifying NATO employee. All prospective N-9 immigrants must be under age 21.

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