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Kate is simply the best in the business. My case was really tough and I was rejected by a lot of the other firms, but Kate not only believed in me but was able to get me my O-1 visa organized and approved faster than I ever thought possible. Even if you’re not in the entertainment industry, I recommend Raynor & Associates for any immigration-related matter you may have. Kate will definitely be able to help you out! Melissa
There are a lot of immigration attorneys out there, but what separates Kate Raynor from the rest is the quality of her team. Her office is full of young, talented, and innovative attorneys and paralegals who are not only down-to-earth, but excellent at what they do. Take my advice: call Kate for any immigration matter. You won’t regret it. Brandon
Hands down, the best immigration law office in L.A. Friendly staff, beautiful new office, amazing professionalism, and awesome personal attention to your case. A definite recommend for visas, green cards, or any other immigration case! Jonathan
A big shout out and thanks to Kate for getting my green card approved!!! Also, I’d like to offer a special thanks to Tiffany Gomez, who worked so hard on my case and kept me not only informed but level-headed and at ease throughout the entire process. I knew exactly what I needed to do the whole way because she answered all of my questions and was always there to explain any documents I had to bring. Basically, the entire experience was awesome, and I totally recommend Kate and her team. Thanks again, you guys! Rod
I was pretty down after getting a denial for a green card petition through my previous firm and brought my case to Kate, thinking she could help me. She explained to me that in the past, she’d been able to get a bunch of cases with previous denials approved, which made me feel a lot better. Then, working with her and her staff, I could really tell that they believed in my case and that, in turn, gave me hope again. Fast forward a few months after filing my case, and my green card got approved. I can still remember when I got the news from Kate over the phone. I cried! I am so thankful to Kate for successfully getting my case approved and giving me the opportunity to live and work in America! Eva
Raynor & Associates is one of the most professional and talented firms in Los Angeles. I’d heard about them through one of my friends, who got his visa approved through them, and decided to check them out. The senior paralegal who worked on my case, Tiffany, was really sweet, but also super easy to talk to, and she sat down with me and explained step by step what I needed to do to get my visa. Thanks to her, I’ve working here in the States for close to a year now. None of it would have been possible without Kate and her team. Thanks, guys! Georgina
Kate’s the real deal. Seriously. Take my word for it: I got an O-1 through her firm, and four of my friends got their visas approved through Kate too. To me, all that matters is results and Kate will deliver them with a smile. If you don’t believe me, give her a call. I’m sure once you sit down with her for a consultation (it’s free!) you will be convinced. Don’t waste any time with the other firms. Kate Raynor is where it’s at. Steven B.
Quality service, experienced staff, beautiful office, and most importantly: amazing results. What more could you ask for? Kate Raynor is one of the most experienced immigration attorneys in the L.A. area, and having gotten my green card approved with the help of her and her staff, I certainly recommend her to everyone I know! Ray
Saw their hilarious new commercial on TV a few days ago and thought how I’d never really thanked Kate enough after she helped me get my visa approved last year. I guess since I’m working so much now, I’ve been busy and got caught up in everything, but when you think about it, I wouldn’t even be in California working right now if it weren’t for her. So thanks, Kate! My case wasn’t even the strongest, and I knew it, but she took me on anyway and did an excellent job with the entire petition. Now that I have a lot more films and TV credits under my belt, I know I’ll definitely be going back to Kate for my green card. Can’t wait! Gabe
I still remember sitting in Kate’s lobby, really nervous about being rejected again, like I’d been by so many other firms. I’m an actress from Canada with a solid but not stellar case for a visa, but once I sat down with Kate, she made me feel like a star. Not just that-she made me feel like I was her most important case, even though I’m sure she was juggling a lot of them at once. Now that my visa’s been approved, I’ve been working non-stop in LA. Looking back, all the nervousness I felt was completely unnecessary because Kate is so good at what she does. If you’re looking for an immigration attorney, Kate is the one to call. Jill
No matter what anyone else says, I think Kate Raynor is the best immigration attorney in LA. She’s located conveniently by the freeway in Encino, (P.S. Tip: park in the Coffee Bean parking lot. If you just buy a drink later, they’ll validate!), offers free phone or in-office consultations, and best of all-has a really high success rate. I’ve gotten my green card approved through Kate, and have since sent countless friends and acquaintances her way. Raynor & Associates is the cream of the crop. No debate at all. Check them out! Kathy
A huge, huge thanks to Tiffany Gomez, who not only worked on my case, but helped get it approved quick. I was so impressed by Kate Raynor’s entire team of paralegals and attorneys; they really are passionate and knowledgeable about immigration law, and the personal attention they give to you and your case is unparalleled. Yukari
Kate Raynor was a dream to work with. Not only did she completely understand and believe in my case, she got my visa approved in record time. Thanks, Kate! Vanessa
1No one does immigration law as good, fast, or as creatively as Kate Raynor. Thanks to her, I got my green card approved in a few months. Her firm, located in a new office in the heart of Encino, is easy to find and usually there was plenty of street parking whenever I went, which was really nice. I absolutely recommend them and would, without question, tell my friends back home about Kate. Vince
I want to thank Kate Raynor, as well as Stephen Maniaci, the attorney who personally handled my case, for helping me get my EB-1 case approved. Stephen is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and he was able to explain the steps I needed to take to make my case successful. Not only that, he was always responsive to my emails and returned all of my phone calls, which is more than I can say about other firms. Overall, I was really satisfied with my experience at Raynor & Associates. Give them a call! Devin
Thank you very much for all your help for being sensitive and caring and for your determination in getting my O-1 visa. You are a great immigration attorney. Thank you again Kate. Olga T.
Thank you so much for all that you have done. You are absolutely amazing. You are a great immigration attorney, a lifesaver. You rock. Steven B.
For as long as I can remember I have always dreamt of becoming a professional dancer and pursuing my career in the states. So I thank you for helping me achieve my life long dream of a green card. If I had a dollar for every person who said I would never do it and that it was impossible… yeah I would be pretty wealthy. My heart is filled with gratitude. Meisha L.
Thank you for making my day. I want to thank you for being a great immigration attorney, you and your staff were a pleasure to work with. Gus R.
Someone once told me that one conversation can start a friendship, and one person can make all the difference— that one if you. Thank you for making our family’s immigration process easy. Irene A.
I want to thank you for providing excellent customer service every time I called and came into the office. You and your staff made my immigration matters easy and stress free. Since I have been approved my citizenship I have referred friends and family, and they have had similar results to mine. I will continue to recommend you as an immigration attorney. You are outstanding and very professional. It is not easy to find an attorney who cares about ALL her cases. Thanks for everything. Haider S.
Thank you so much for all your help and effort put into my immigration case. My fiancé and I are so happy, I am glad the immigration process was a successful one. Thank you and we call you when she is eligible for citizenship. You and the staff are aware of everything at all times, and that is rarely seen. Thanks again. Frank E.
So I’m “official” and I owe much of that to you guys (and my wife of course) but I definitely owe much of this smooth, successful transition to working with your office. Please accept my apology for not sending this earlier, but your office has been on my mind weekly since. Thank you so much. I miss, love and thank each of you! Marlon R.
I can’t thank you enough but I hope you know I appreciate everything you’ve done. Thank you for getting my visa approved. You are an exceptional immigration attorney Kate. Thanks again!! Theo O.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. Words can’t describe what a relief it is to have my visa. Thank you and all your wonderful associates. Anna H.
I wanted to write and express my sincere gratitude for the magic wand you waved over my green card petition. You’re a veritable life-changer!! From the moment I stepped into your office, I felt assured on so many fronts. Your achievement for me is definitely a long time dream come true. I’m elated, grateful and pinching myself. I can’t wait to have the green card in my hands. Thank you for such an efficient, professional, and stellar job. Steve D.
Thank you so much very much for all the hard work and dedication you and your associates put into my immigration case. I am very happy to be working here in the U.S., I am glad you were able to assist me from start to finish. Thanks for all your help again. Inbal A.
Thank you very much for obtaining me the green card. I know my life will change drastically. You are the best immigration attorney in L.A County. Kati G.
I want to thank you. I finally received my permanent resident card. Last month I was able to go back to the Philippines. I hot married and I am expecting a baby. Because of your advice, your help and your wonderful team I feel safe now. God bless all of you, the people working with you are amazing. I am always telling people what a great immigration attorney you are. Soon I will visit you to talk about my application to become a citizen. Thanks again, believe it or not you have changed my life and my family’s life as well. Jessica H.
A thoughtful act or a kind word may pass in a moment, but the warmth and care behind it stay in the heart forever. Thank you for your kindness and your special thoughtfulness in regards to my immigration case. I want to take time to appreciate you for everything you have done in order to make sure my case was granted. You are a star in my eyes. Thank you so much and thank you to all the associates there. Eva E.
Thank you. I want to tell you guys how much I appreciate all the work you did to get me down here. You have made my toughest goal worth it. I have never felt so happy as king as I can remember. It has been a long trip, and I am sure most of the time it was a frustrating for you as it was for me. But you never gave up on me or my petition. I want to thank you for this, you guys rock my world!!! Lachlan P.
Thank you it was appreciated more than you know. I didn’t think it was at all possible for me getting approved the O-1 Visa. But you managed to make a dream come true. Thank you very much. Jackie G.
You are one of the greatest most dedicated people I have ever met. I want to say thank you for being patient and understanding with me. You are truly a hard working immigration attorney who deserves to be recognized for helping people like my self. I will recommend people to your office in the future, thank you again for being so kind and attentive to all my needs Kate. Anasthasie H.
I cannot find the words to express how happy I am. Kate, your immigration firm has gone above and beyond. Thank you for all your assistance in dealing with my case. I have worked with other immigration attorney’s in the past, but you have been such a delight. Thanks again. Deidre D.
Thank you so much for taking care of me and for handling my immigration case in such a professional matter. Thank you for making me feel secure about my future here in America. Thank you so much. Tal B.
We are back in Los Angeles and have our artist’s visas. We want to thank you so much for all your hard work. We are very grateful and appreciate all the time dedicated to our case. Adam and Patricia K.
You are a true hero. You are one of the best immigration attorneys if not the best. I want to thank you for the quick and satisfying service. I am now working here in the U.S legally. I cannot wait to come hire you as my immigration attorney to take care of my citizenship case. Nicole L.
Thank you for spending some time to meet with me, and to assist me with my all my immigration needs. I would like to express my strong interest in working with your firm again. I hope I get the opportunity to work with you again when it is time for me to obtain my citizenship. Thanks again. David B.
Thank you so much for everything. You’ve added a little hope at the end of the tunnel. You and the staff were a pleasure to work with. Thanks again. Tamara D.
Thanks you for being aware of my case at all times. You have made my immigration process headache free. I am so glad my case was a successful won. I want to thank you again for all your hard and dedicated work. Thanks again Kate, you rock! Lisa M It has been a blessing meeting you, thank you for your help and support. Thank you for being such a devoted immigration attorney. I am grateful for everything, the hard work, the long hours, and all the office visits. In the end the result was a successful one. Thanks again Kate. Victor C.
My wife and I would like to express our sincere thanks you and your staff for all the assistance for us. We now realize how much work is involved in the process. In the end it was worth the hard work. Thanks again, your immigration firm is devoted to their clients.
Hugh A.
Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me. From first impression, I already knew that the Law Offices of Kate L. Raynor was the right fit for me. I want to thank you for everything you and the staff have done to obtain my citizenship. Thanks again Kate, you are a true professional. Isabelle S.
Kate: I want to thank you… I finally received my “permanent resident card” !!! Last month I was able t go back to my country, I got married and I am expecting a babyJ. Because of your advice, your help and your wonderful team I feel safe now. God Bless all of you, the people working with you are “awesome”. I am always telling people what a great lawyer you are; soon I will visit you to talk about my application to become a citizen. Thank you so much again; believe it or not you have changed my life and my family’s life. God Bless you and your family Jessica Higgins
Dealing with the Law Office of Kate Raynor was a pleasure. I am the CEO of a large corporation and Kate Raynor and staff were able to assist our company in getting green cards for key employees. Her professionalism and excellent customer service always made me feel that I was in good hands. I can not imagine using any other firm to handle our immigration needs. I love the fact that Kate Raynor operates with the work quality of a larger firm, but still maintains the personal attention to clients. I always know that even though she has many clients, she will always take the time to speak to me personally. Moshe
I was smuggled into the US underneath the seat of a car. I was caught by U.S. Immigation and placed into removal proceedings. I was certain that I would be deported. Kate Raynor was able to win my case in court and I am now living safely and legally in the U.S. with my family. I can honestly say that Kate Raynor saved my life. She is an understanding and compassionate attorney who genuinely cares about her clients. I am lucky to have found an attorney such as her. I recommend her to anyone. Karolina
Thank you to Kate Raynor for helping me to finally realize my dream of becoming a U.S. Citizen. I have always abided by the laws of the U.S., but because I was born in Iraq, I faced a great deal of difficulty with U.S. Immigration. However, Kate Raynor was able to help me get my Citizenship quickly and easily. Shafik
I was ordered deported and feared that I would never be legal in the U.S. Kate Raynor got me my green card against all odds. Thank you with all of my heart. Karin
I was arrested and was put into deportation proceedings. Kate Raynor got me released from custody and got my case dismissed. I am now back with family thanks to her. Chaim
Thanks to Law Offices of Kate L. Raynor I was able to get my work visa in less than two weeks. I talked to two other attorneys who said it was not possible. Thanks to Law Offices of Kate Raynor I am now in the process of getting my green card. Karina
Dealing with Kate Raynor and her staff was a delight, they explained everything about the immigration process in detail and were always easy to communicate with. They went beyond the call of duty and way beyond my expectations and thanks to them I now have my O-1 visa. For any foreign artist, entertainer or athlete looking to work in the US, I thouroughly recommend the Law Offices of Kate L. Raynor. Rubicon:Singer/Songwriter/ Actor
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