Immigration Lawyer in San Fernando Valley

Immigration Lawyer in San Fernando Valley

At her San Fernando Valley law firm, Immigration Lawyer Kate L. Raynor believes that the practice of United States immigration law requires a personal dedication not often found in other areas of the law. Issues of immigrating to the United States – or losing your immigration status through deportation or removal – are best left to an experienced immigration attorney who understands the system and how to secure a timely, affordable resolution

No one should engage legal services when seeking temporary or permanent residency in the US without first considering the services and qualifications of a prospective California immigration attorney. At the Los Angeles law offices of Lawyer Kate L. Raynor, we offer consistent, personal service to each client.

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San Fernando Valley General Information:

The San Fernando Valley or The Valley is an urbanized valley in Southern California, United States. The basin is located in north western Los Angeles County.

The Tataviam, also known as the Fernandeño, tribe of Indians and the Tongva had inhabited the valley for almost 2,000 years before the Spanish built the San Fernando Mission in 1797.

The treaty ending the Mexican-American War in California was signed in the Cahuenga Pass (at the southeast corner of San Fernando Valley) at the Campo de Cahuenga in 1847.

After the construction of the Owens Valley-Los Angeles Aqueduct, the mostly rural area was annexed by the city of Los Angeles in 1915 in landgrab con perpetrated by high ranking members of the water department, more than doubling the size of the city.

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