Immigration Lawyer in North Hollywood, California

Immigration Lawyer in North Hollywood, California

North Hollywood immigration lawyer Kate L. Raynor is dedicated to providing the finest legal representation in the areas of Immigration Law, Removal and Deportation Proceedings, US Citizenship, and Consular Matters. We process all types of Immigration cases such as working Visas, Family and Employment-Based Permanent Residence Petitions (green cards), Political Asylum Applications, Investment Petitions (green cards), Waivers and International Adoptions. We believe that practicing solely in Immigration-related matters, we are able to provide efficient and effective application processing and case prosecution.

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North Hollywood General Information:

North Hollywood, like most of the rest of the San Fernando Valley, was once part of the vast landholdings of the Franciscan Mission San Fernando Rey de España, which were confiscated by the government during the Mexican period of rule. The Treaty of Cahuenga which ended the U.S.-Mexican fighting in California was signed at Tomas Feliz’s adobe house at Campo de Cahuenga on Lankershim Boulevard in January of 1847. The area was formerly known as Lankershim, but was subsequently renamed North Hollywood in an effort to capitalize on the glamour and proximity of Hollywood proper.

North Hollywood today is extremely diverse, with Latino, including Colombian-Americans and Honduran-Americans, Asian-American, including Thai-Americans and Filipino-Americans, Jewish, including Israeli-Americans, Jamaican-American, Middle Eastern, including Armenian-American and Iranian-Americans, and African-American populations.

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