Immigration Lawyer in Century City, California

Immigration Lawyer in Century City, California

Immigration, citizenship and nationality are increasingly complex and dynamic areas of law. Only dedicated and specialized professionals can be expected to keep up with the demands of guiding clients through this ever changing environment.

When you choose an attorney to assist you in these areas, make sure that you are retaining the experience and knowledge which these areas of law require.

The Century City immigration attorneys at Kate L. Raynor P.C. represent decades of specialized practice in the fields of immigration, citizenship and nationality law, and bring to your problem immediately a sophisticated knowledge of theses areas of law.

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Century City General Information:

Century City is a 176 acre (712,000 m²) commercial and residential district on the West Side of the City of Los Angeles. It is bounded by Westwood on the west, Rancho Park on the southwest, Cheviot Hills and Beverlywood on the southeast, and the city of Beverly Hills on the northeast. Its major thoroughfares are Santa Monica, Olympic, and Pico Boulevards (its northern boundary, central artery, and southern boundary, respectively), as well as Avenue of the Stars and Century Park East and West.

Century City is an important business center, and many law firms and executives—particularly those with ties to the film, television, and music industries—have offices there. Its Westfield-owned shopping mall is one of the major retail centers in Los Angeles. It was originally designed as a ‘second’ downtown for Los Angeles.

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