Immigration Lawyer in Alhambra, California

Immigration Lawyer in Alhambra, California

At the Alhambra immigration law firm of Kate L. Raynor we do our utmost to help our clients understand the complicated and often frustrating legal and administrative immigration process. Our multi-lingual staff speaks Spanish, French, Tagalog, Hebrew and Turkish in addition to English. We understand that each case has unique circumstances. After analyzing the facts, we devise practical solutions for solving a myriad of legal immigration issues.

Staying abreast of the ever-changing U.S. immigration laws, Alhambra immigration lawyer Kate Raynor regularly assists individuals and businesses with immigrant and non-immigrant visas, including, green card petitions, family preference visas, application for business visas such as Multi-national L Visas, H1-B and EB-1 visas as well as labor certifications, asylum and citizenship matters.

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Alhambra General Information:

Alhambra is named after Washington Irving’s book Tales from the Alhambra, not after the Alhambra palace itself. Alhambra was founded as a suburb of Los Angeles in 1903. Its primarily white, Midwestern nature throughout the first 60 years of its history is reflected in the fact that even today, most Southern Californians pronounce the middle syllable of the city’s name as a homophone with ham, the meat.

Alhambra existed as an unincorporated area during the mid-1800s. The city high school, Alhambra High School, was established in 1898, five years before the city’s incorporation. The Alhambra Fire Department was established three years later, in 1906.

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