Immigration Lawyer in Agoura Hills, California

Immigration Lawyer in Agoura Hills, California

The right lawyer will protect your important interests and make the immigration process much easier, probably faster, and definitely more likely to be successful than would be possible without a lawyer. But, because of the trust one must place in his or her lawyer, the wrong one can damage your case and severely complicate your life. The best way to find your lawyer is through the recommendation of someone you trust who was happy with his or her choice of counsel in a similar sort of case. Otherwise, keep these points in mind as you “shop” for representation,

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Agoura Hills General Information:

Agoura Hills is a city (incorporated in 1982) in Los Angeles County, California, and has the ZIP code 91301. The population was 20,537 at the 2000 census. This city on the Ventura Freeway (U.S. Route 101) straddles the border between the county of Los Angeles to the east, west and and south and Ventura County to the north. It is approximately 35 miles west of the downtown Los Angeles civic center, and is located in the eastern Conejo Valley.

The area was first settled by the Chumash Indians, and later by Spanish Franciscan missionaries. As the California coast was settled by Spaniards in the 1500s, El Camino Real, a road from Loreto, BCS, Mexico to Sonoma, California, and connecting the Spanish missions in California, was built through the heart of what would later be known as Agoura Hills.

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