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What Are Some Ways You Can Prove You Are In Training to Meet The Requirements for the H3 Visa

Are you wondering about what it takes to meet the requirements for an H2 or H3 visa?

The H3 Trainee Visa can permit a person from outside the United States to travel and remain in the country for the duration of a specialized training course. The training can encompass “any field of endeavor,” as long as the particular training is not available in the requesting party’s country.

The only major professional category that cannot qualify for the H3 is medical study.

Because of its relatively flexible definitions, the H3 is perfect for many younger people who are seeking professional development opportunities in the United States. Mid-career professionals who are employed by a company with some U.S. operations can also use it.

To obtain the visa, you need to demonstrate you will be in the U.S. specifically to operate in a training role outside the normal scope of a business. It’s important to establish not only the type and duration of the training, but the fact you will not act as a typical employee or executive.

What You Need to Know About the H3 Visa’s Documentation Requirements

To secure your H3, you need to provide documentation showing the fixed schedule and objectives of your training, as well as the means by which you will be evaluated.

One of the most common reasons for an H3 application to be denied is that the training described is not specific enough. It must be clear to authorities when and how training will be completed.

A successful H3 petition will include:

  • A full description of the type of training and the structure of the training program;
  • A clear description of the proportion of time that will be devoted only to training;
  • A description of the career abroad that the candidate will prepare for in the U.S.;
  • An explanation of why the training is not available in the candidate’s country;

How the H3 candidate and the training organization expect to be compensated.

Your sponsor in the U.S. can help you gather and verify the authenticity of this information.

Meet H3 Visa Requirements and Reduce H3 Visa Cost With Expert Help from Raynor & Associates

Holding a visa H3, you have an amazing opportunity to learn in the United States. For up to two years, the H3 visa USA gives you the chance to build your career prospects in your country of origin through high-quality training.

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