No “Mission Impossible”

No “Mission Impossible”

Imagine that you are a director of a major Hollywood Studio, sitting in your plush Burbank office-walls lined with photos and your shelves lined with Golden Globe Awards and Oscar Statues. Yet with all your success and power, you are stuck in a precarious situation with nowhere to turn. Your co-star from Japan has not cleared immigration yet. The budget is 40 million dollars, and every day you are late cost the studio a quarter million dollars. Your shooting date starts in ten days, and your attorneys have exhausted all means and methods to push his paperwork through-all to no avail. Who you gonna call? Kate Raynor of course, the ‘Special Agent’ to the stars!

Immigration scenarios come in all shapes and sizes, as do immigration attorneys. Immigration scenarios in the Entertainment Industry come in one shape and size, they are large and complex-like a ‘spy mystery novel’. Kate Raynor stands un-matched in her ability to make the largest immigration problem seem small, and the most complex issues seem commonplace. In the field of Entertainment Immigration, Kate Raynor and her clients have come to “expect the impossible”.

There was the time when a blockbuster film was going to be held up because one of it’s co-stars from India was unable to obtain a work visa to shoot the film. The studio had exhausted all resources in its attempts to rectify the problem, and had decided to begin the ‘recasting process’ in order to replace the actor. The actor’s agent had heard of Kate Raynor and called her with less than eight business days before shooting was scheduled to begin. Kate not only got the paperwork submitted, but the approval from USCIS came through a full three days before the imposed deadline. Kate Raynor operates at an un-paralleled success rate of 98%, unheard of in the field of “entertainment immigration.

Remember the scene in the first “Mission Impossible” movie (Paramount Pictures- 1996), when Ethan Hunt had broken into the CIA and was suspended by a cable from the ceiling; coming within inches of the floor-and possibly setting of alarms and insuring his own capture? At the last possible second Hunt uploads the computer information he sought, and is snatched up through the air condition duct in the ceiling only seconds before being detected-a task that was seemingly impossible.
Kate Raynor performs impossible work visa feats like these weekly.

Foreign nationals who are desperately seeking immigration status in order to work in Hollywood are calling on her abilities all the time. They are seeking O-1 status, which grants them a temporary visa to work based on their ‘extraordinary abilities in the arts, education, business or athletics’. This task is seemingly ‘impossible’ under the arduous deadlines often imposed by studios, but for Kate Raynor arduous deadlines and impossible challenges are what drives her. Kate Raynor’s clientele ranges from the ‘celebrity entertainer’ to the ‘unknown musician’ who is a key part of band.

At a deeper level, it is her passion for her work that separates her from the competition. Kate Raynor deeply values the contributions that each of her clients brings to humanity, and furthermore admires the courage and fortitude that foreign nationals must possess in order to successfully navigate the immigration process. It is these attributes that she admires in her clients, because they display the courage to step out into ‘the unknown’ in order to further their artistic endeavors. Foreign nationals who sign Hollywood contracts are ‘banking’ on navigating the immigration process in order to sustain their livelihood. These clients are literally putting ‘their livelihood’ in Kate Raynor’s hands , and their faith in her ability to get through the process. These clients seek Kate Raynors advice, much in the way ‘a mole’ would seek his or her ‘handler’ (a top level agent who knows the way to safe passage) in a dangerous foreign spy mission— in order to navigate safely in a foreign land without their cover being blown.

If you want to navigate through ‘the agency’, keep the studios interested and get through your “O-1 visa mission” safely-Kate Raynor is ‘the handler’ you want on your case.